Are Arrowhead Prom Tickets Overpriced?


One of the many 2017 prom posters hanging in the hallways of AHS

Logan Winser and Maraba Roznik

As the fourth quarter begins, that means Prom is right around the corner. Prom is coming up shortly on April 22 at Country Springs Hotel from 6:15 to 11:30 pm. Tickets for the event become available on March 27th. The price of the tickets however has become a problem with some students at Arrowhead. Prices start at $70 on March 27th, but increase to $80 on April 3rd.

Each ticket guarantees you admittance into the dance and a choice of Chicken Cordon Bleu, baked salmon, or vegetarian lasagna for dinner. Students can select their meal between April 3rd and April 7th  at 2:25 in room 137 at north campus.

Now the reason for the high pricing is very controversial. For what students are getting out of the ticket, it doesn’t seem to be worth the price of admission. $80 for an underwhelming meal and admission to the dance seems unreasonable for high school juniors and seniors planning on attending prom, especially for guys who typically pay for both themselves and their dates.

Students don’t even get the option of whether they want to eat at the dance or not. They can’t choose to go out to dinner at a restaurant or host a fancy dinner at home to save some money. Arrowhead should offer two different tickets. One for the dance and dinner, and another for just the dance.

Junior Hannah Noelle suggests a separate ticket option for lower income families that may not be able to spare $70 for the dance and dinner.

    Why do the ticket prices need to be so high? How expensive can one dance be that each couple has to pay a total of $140 just to get in?

Noelle says, “Well, there is bus transportation, decoration, DJ, food- everything that goes into making prom.”

Senior Oldine Paulsen says the reason the prices are expensive is that Arrowhead is cheap and wants to make more money. She says that despite Arrowhead’s expenses for the dance, it will still suck.