Arrowhead Brings Back TWIRP Dance

Maraba Roznik and Logan Winser

Arrowhead has a new dance for 2017. Run by Student Senate, AHS is bringing back The Women Is Required to Pay (TWIRP) dance on Saturday, February 11th in the West gym from 8-11 PM.

Arrowhead discontinued TWIRP in 2011 because the attendance rate kept dropping each year, but the dance is being offered it again this February to see if students would be interested now. This will be the second of three major dances in the 2016-2017 school year. The first was Homecoming, and the last is Prom (which is quickly approaching on April 22).

Tickets were on sale for TWIRP for $10 at both lunch hours from Monday, January 30th to Friday, February 10th.

In order to raise excitement for TWIRP, Student Senate organized dress-up days for students to partake in. The week started out with Pajama/Stuffed Animal Monday and carried on with Family Tree/80’s Tuesday, Disney Character Wednesday, Profession/Career Thursday, and Red Out Friday.

Despite the attempts to increase hype about the dance through the dress-up week, lots of students did not participate, some stating it was lack of knowledge or dislike.

Senior April Weatherbee said, “I didn’t even know about it until the posters. [Though] I think the TWIRP topics were more interesting than the Homecoming topics. I think the ideas were more original and fun.”

Senior Brady O’Connor says, “I knew about [the dress-up days], but I’m never interested in spirt weeks.”

Unlike Homecoming and Prom, the general interest in TWIRP among AHS students is minimal. Students express an overall lack of popularity for the dance. Some are against the idea of a girls ask guys dance in its entirety, while others would rather spend their Saturday evening doing other things.

Senior Natalie Anderson says, “A girl ask guy dance is the stupidest thing invented on the planet. I believe in old school dating where the gentleman picks you up and gets you a rose.”

Senior Oldine Paulsen says, “I would rather stay out and have pizza.”

Senior Emily Dvorak blames attendance and interest on the low number of couples at AHS. She says when a girl and guy aren’t dating, it would be awkward for the girl to ask a guy to the dance.

Senior April Weatherbee says, “I don’t think [the dance] was a bad idea. I think the excitement is low because it is new. I’m sure it will be more popular next year.”

In order for the dance to happen, Student Senate announced they had to sell at least 500 tickets to pay for decorations and a DJ. And despite the adversity to the dance, the club was able to reach their quota by Tuesday, February 7th.

Senior Brady O’Connor says, “I was excited because I didn’t go to Homecoming. I thought [TWIRP] would be a fun way to remember high school.”