The Chicago Cubs Win First World Series in 108 Years


Alex Nannetti and Logan Winser

After 108 years of anguish, defeat, and misery, the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions. On Wednesday, November 2, the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series in Game 7 against the American League Champions, Cleveland Indians.

Led by Cy Young candidate Kyle Hendricks, the Cubs were able to end their 108 year drought without a World Series, the longest professional championship drought in professional sports.

Going into Cleveland with a 3-2 series lead, the Indians needed to only win more game at home to win the World Series. After losing Game 6 to the Cubs on November 1st 10-3, the series game down to Game 7.

The game started as Chicago Cubs leadoff man Dexter Fowler hit a leadoff home run. The Cubs ended up getting to a 6-3 lead heading into the bottom of the 8th, and they brought of their closer, Aroldis Chapman.

The Indians ended up scoring three runs in the bottom of the 8th, led by a 2-Run home run by Rajai Davis. The game went into extra innings after a 35 minute rain delay. The Cubs scored two runs in the top of the 10th, which was enough to win the game, and the World Series.

The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. Many people have thought that the Chicago Cubs were cursed that they would never win a World Series again.

Arrowhead senior Matt Brockish said, “I was happy that the Cubs won. They have ended the curse and people can finally celebrate. They aren’t losers anymore they are winners. “

The curse is an old baseball legend. It happened October 6, 1945. A local Greek man named William “Billy Goat” Sianis and his goat were denied entrance. He declared that the Cubs would be cursed. The Cubs have had many curses that was the one that started it though.

In 2003 the Cubs were in the National League Championship Series against The Florida Marlins. The Cubs were up 3 to 1 in a best of 7 series. All they needed was one more win to move on to the World Series. They were 5 outs away from winning game 5 at Wrigley Field when a Florida batter hit a pop up that was going foul when a Cubs outfielder tried to catch it but a fan, Steve Bartman, interfered with the ball and tried to grab it. The Cubs went on to lose the Series.

The celebration was historic after 108 years of pent up frustration. Famous people who have been lifelong Chicago Cubs fans celebrated. One actor by the name of Bill Murray attended every Cubs World Series game and was very happy when they won.

Team manager Joe Maddon said during the team’s parade celebration in Chicago, “This is an incredible moment for all of us. Never have I experienced anything like Wrigley Field on a nightly basis…I want to congratulate you fans also. Thank you for being so patient.” The Chicago Cubs are finally World Champions.