AHS Hosts Blood Drive


Blood drive in West Gym

Connor Akers and Thomas Miller

Arrowhead High School hosted a blood drive performed by the BloodCenter of Wisconsin on Friday, December 9th. Blood drawing took place from 8am to 1pm in the North Campus West Gym.

The blood drive was open to students above the age of 16 as well as the public. Sign up was available during lunch hours in the cafeteria where students were asked to sign up for a certain time. Sign up was available from 11/28 to 12/8 at North Campus and 12/5 to 12/8 at South Campus.

For students who were 16 or older and under 18, parental consent was required. In order to participate, students must have filled out a parental consent form and bring them to their appointment.

Mitchel Grothey, an Arrowhead senior, will be participating in the event. He said, “My parents always encourage me to go, and to be it’s something I like to do every year.”

Students had to provide a primary form of identification and proof of age to ensure they met the minimum age requirement for donation. If a primary for of ID was not available, two secondary forms of ID could be used also.

“Acceptable forms of primary ID include: American Red Cross Donor ID, driver’s license, immigration and naturalization service card, credit card, state ID, employee ID, passport, student ID, or military ID. Secondary forms include: Student ID (without a photo), driver’s license without a photo, credit card or bank card, employee ID (without a photo), personal checkbook with name and address, Social Security card, voter registration card, payroll stub, vehicle registration, fishing or hunting license, grocery store frequent shopper or VIP card, club or museum membership card, library card with donor’s name, professional license (such as: RN, LPN or MT), Non-American Red Cross donor card, Selective Service card, or insurance card.”-redcross.org

“I didn’t even know there that many type of identification cards,” Grothey says while laughing. “I don’t think that will be a challenge for anyone to bring something in to identify themselves.”

The BloodCenter of Wisconsin also required students to be in good general health and feeling while at the time of their appointment, weigh at least 110 pounds, and have not donated blood within the last 56 days.

Lauren Henzlik, a senior at Arrowhead, couldn’t participate in the blood drive because of the height-weight restrictions. Henzlik says, “I would have loved to participate and donate, but I am underweight according to the restrictions which is disappointing. Hopefully next year I will be able to contribute.”

According to redcrossblood.org, the process of giving blood takes about an hour while the actual drawing only takes 8-10 minutes. They recommend that donors drink plenty of water prior to their appointment. Also, have a healthy meal before donating and try to avoid fatty foods. Lastly wear clothes that can be folded above the elbow.

“It’s an opportunity to not only get out of class for an hour or so, but I also get to help people who are in need of blood. So why not?” says Grothey.