Addams Family’s Receives Positive Reviews in Arrowhead’s Broadway Company


Amanda Stahl, Reporter

From the famous and popular television show from the 60’s, The Addams Family comes to life on Arrowhead’s stage in a Broadway Company musical production. Arrowhead High School’s Broadway Company has been diligently practicing their production of The Addams Family, creating a masterpiece and a unique performance that Arrowhead has not experienced before.

The Addams Family production performance started on October 14th, and runs through the 15th, 16th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Many students and people around the Hartland community have already seen the comical musical, and reviews of it have been highly positive.

“Addams Family was truly amazing. I really enjoyed watching Jackson Calhoun, Gomez and Annika De Vogel, Morticia, and I think that they really had their parts down. Everyone had really amazing voices all together, and fascinating costumes that brought the show to life. The cast had such catchy jokes and funny side plot lines, it kept the audience engaged. The actors used well fit mannerisms for their characters and knew how to make their lines believable and realistic. Calhoun in particular did such an amazing job, and had a believable accent which was well fit to the original actors voice and it didn’t sound fake either and was constant throughout the entire musical. I would highly recommend seeing the show,” Mia Lanzarotti, a junior at Arrowhead High School said.

“I thought the show was absolutely incredible. I thought the amount of rehearsal time that was put into it was very obvious, and all the performers in the production were so dedicated to their roles that it made the show so comedic and enjoyable for the audience to witness. The set was incredible and the costumes were extremely realistic in accordance to a dead ancestors type of look. What I really enjoyed the most was the mixture of comedic and dramatic elements that made the show so spectacular, and brought the whole show to life,” Emma Cholip, a senior said.

The Broadway Company cast has been practicing Addams Family since the beginning of summer, working diligently to make the performance the best it can be. The cast of Addams Family has been performing the musical all throughout the week, and are proud of how far their practice has come. The cast consists of many talented young students such as senior Jackson Calhoun, who plays Gomez; senior Annika De Vogel who plays Morticia; Nathan Reimer, a middle school student from Swallow School who plays Pugsley; junior, Eamon Schiro, who plays Fester; senior, Jon Olsen, who plays Lurch; junior, Maria Bielke, who plays Grandmama; senior, Emma Estenson, who plays Alice; junior Matthew Nienhaus, who plays Lucas; and Senior, Matthias Woods, who plays Mal. Other members of Broadway Company without a lead role are Addams family ancestors.

“There are so many positives that have come from this specific performance. The shows that we have performed thus far have gone tremendously well, with positive reviews coming from so many people in the area. Everyone in Broadway has really been nailing the work we’ve done in rehearsals, and we’re having a lot of fun. Everyone seems to love the show quite a lot,” Jackson Calhoun, a senior, and lead role Gomez Addams says.

“I feel like the shows so far have been really good. We’ve been getting standing ovations every night and we’ve been getting a lot of laughs as well. As far as reviews have been going, everyone has been telling me it was a great show. All of my friends, teachers, and family seem to really love the show. I think what makes Addams Family so unique is all the little details we added through the show like my scene as Grandmama with Pugs let the majority of the references are added to the scene. It’s the little things like that that make different schools productions of the same show unique,” Maria Beilke, a junior, and role of Grandmama said.