Turnout for Arrowhead’s Homecoming Week Dress Up


Juniors Sarah Ernst and Chase Zastrow, dressed up as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Spongebob Squarepants for Famous Pair Tuesday, pose for a picture in the North campus parking lot in their Invisible Boatmobile

Maraba Roznik, Editor and Reporter

Arrowhead’s Homecoming was on Saturday, October 1st from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm in the West gym at North campus.

In order to encourage students to get into the Homecoming school spirit, the Student Senate club  organized dress-up days as a part of their yearly Homecoming tradition. This year’s dress up days were Pajama/Crazy Hair/Stuffed Animal Monday, Twinning/Famous Pair Tuesday, Hawaiian Wednesday, Superhero/Supervillain Thursday, and Red Out Friday.

Each day students searched through their homes and threw together costumes and crazy outfits to wear for the theme.

Junior Sarah Ernst says, “I always participate in the dress up days. And I usually go all out if I have the opportunity and time to. I love planning out my outfits, and seeing people’s reactions to what I end up wearing.”

Junior Rebecca Zakreski says, “I really enjoy the dress up days. I think it makes the school day more interesting because walking through the hallways seeing all the crazy outfits is really fun. It’s also a great way to talk to people by bringing up their outfit and joking around with friends. It gets everyone in the spirit for Homecoming.”

Ernst says she enjoys seeing people dressed up in something different. Junior Carmen Scaringi agrees, and adds that the dress up days creates excitement for Hawksfest too, even though the annual festival was postponed for Friday, October 14th due to the weather.

Ernst claims that this year’s turnout for the dress up day was well represented at North Campus.

She says, “I remember seeing a lot of people dressed in pajamas, and scrolling through lots of ‘twin day’ photos on Instagram. Especially with the red out theme last Friday. That was really cool to step into the gym during the pep rally and see practically everyone wearing some type of red clothing item. It really unifies the school considering we have so many students.”

Despite the hype for spirit week dress up and the large number of students who participated, some people don’t join in.

Zakreski says those who refuse to dress up are annoying, and Ernst agrees agrees with her comment.

She says, “People who don’t participate on purpose or by boycott are lame. Sorry not sorry. But get some spirit. It’s really not that hard to wear a hawaiian shirt or a lei, or wear a red shirt, or some pajamas. I don’t like when people’s excuses are because they think ‘they’ll look weird’. It’s really not an issue because if everyone dresses up together then nobody will look weird because everyone looks normal compared to one another.”

Scaringi says “Monday through Thursday [dress up days] I can pardon it, because some people don’t have clothes to wear. But people who don’t dress up on Friday [for Red Out] are bringing the school down.”

Both Scaringi and Zakreski state they believe that dressing up is important because it shows school spirit, and that it’s a significant part of Homecoming.

Ernst says she doesn’t think it’s necessary to dress up. However she supports the dress up days.

She claims, “I do think it’s a really cool opportunity to show some personality, and to get excited throughout the week.”

Each student has their favorite dress up day, whether it’s twinning with a friend, imitating their favorite superhero, or going all out red on Friday.

Zakreski says, “Hawaiian day and pajama day [are my favorite]. I mostly like pajama day because it requires no effort, and I can just roll out of bed.”

Scaringi claims that she prefers either Red Out or Hawaiian day, while Enst says her favorite dress up day was Twin/Famous Pair Tuesday.

She says, “I love dress up days where you have flexibility to think outside of the box.  One of my best friends and I did Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy [from Spongebob Squarepants] this year.  Last year I dressed up as the character Russell from Up, and he was the old man Carl. It’s just a tradition now. I wonder what we’ll do together next year.”

Arrowhead’s Homecoming week allows students the chance to branch out from their everyday school wardrobe, and impress their friends with a clever costume or get-up while getting in the school spirit for Homecoming.