Arrowhead’s Students Excited For Homecoming Events


The Events for Homecoming Week.

Amanda Stahl, Reporter

Homecoming consists of activities that get students involved, and welcome them into the new school year, by making them feel at home along with getting the anticipation going before the night of the dance. Getting dressed up for the night with a date by your side, is something many Arrowhead students look forward to.

Throughout homecoming week, students at Arrowhead High School are encouraged to dress up in a theme each day of the week. Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Twin Day, Wednesday was Hawaiian Shirt Day, Thursday was Superhero/Supervillain day, and Friday is Red Out to support Arrowhead’s school spirit and colors.

“I enjoyed the dress up days because it was fun to just be silly instead of worrying about what I should wear. Twin day was a good time because even though my twin was my friend Cole Winston a guy. We were still able to find something similar to wear. So I feel like it brings friends and the school as a whole together in order to do something out of the ordinary,” Olivia Gundrum, a senior said.

Along with dress up days, Arrowhead also set up a movie night on Wednesday, September 28th at 7:30pm in the theater at North Campus, and played the movie Lilo and Stitch. Hawkfest was suppose to take place Friday September 30th but was canceled and moved to October 14th.There will be food and games provided at Arrowhead High Schools yearly Hawkfest. The homecoming game between Kettle Moraine and Arrowhead followed.

“I think the our football season is going pretty good. The game this week is going to be a very good game in my opinion. And a very aggressive and suspenseful game, but I think we are going to make it a good and interesting,” says Sam Whipple, a junior who plays football at Arrowhead High School.

“I am going to Hawkfest. I’ve gone every year since sixth grade and because of that I want to keep it going. My favorite part would be how much there is to do. Because it is on the date of homecoming game lots of people come and there’s games and so much food. I love to go to the laser tag section and play against my friends or even just walk around and see all there is to do,” Lauren Richards,  a junior says.

The final night of homecoming comes to an end with its annual dance. Students’ excitement continues as they plan to dress up, and go out with their closest friends or dates to find someplace nice to eat, along with a dance to end the night. With good music and being surrounded by friends, it is a way to bring the school together.

“Homecoming is special to me because I see it as an opportunity to make memories and spend time with your friends. My favorite part is finding the perfect dress and taking pictures after you get your hair and makeup done. It’s really fun to get out together in every way possible and you feel great after you do. And having that boost of self confidence because you know you put so much effort into this and all your friends tried to look good too. I know I will always miss being able to have this night to get ready for homecoming after high school. This is traditional high school event that we get to have our night where we dress up, go out to eat, act like adults,  and just have a good time. Because this is a unique event only for high schools I find it special and worth it,” Richards says.