Arrowhead Hawkfest Benefits Gold in September


Maria Francis, Reporter

Hartland — At Arrowhead Union High School, the annual Hawkfest will take place on Friday, October 14th, from 4:00 pm-9:00 pm during the football game. It has been cancelled due to rain, but it has been rescheduled. People of all ages can attend. It will be located in the parking lot and on the lawn, where the activities and music will be held.


The annual Hawkfest benefits various organizations including the local Gold In September Project®. The Gold In September Project® raises money for childhood cancer awareness. Since September is the month and gold is the color, Gold In September® (G9 Project® was created.


“You can’t win the fight against this awful disease with the people who are just trying to fight it, that’s like trying to win a war with only the wounded,” says Annie Bartosz, Founder of Gold In September®.


Gold In September® is an organization started by 11-year-old Bartosz. The aim of organization is to end childhood cancer once and for all. She started Gold in September after devastatingly losing her twin brother, and her best friend, to Stage IV High-Risk Neuroblastoma in the year of 2005.


“G9 is a childhood cancer non-profit dedicated to growing awareness, inspiring action, and raising research funds to help every child, everywhere until cures for cancer are found. As the #1 disease killer of children, 1 in 5 kids diagnosed with cancer will not survive. With current treatments, 95% of the 4 ‘survivors’ will end up with a significant health-related issue, some fatal, by the time they are 45. Through global research, strategic partners, and innovative solutions, G9 is a catalyst for change. G9 stands for Gold in September. Gold is the national color for pediatric cancer and September is the recognized National Childhood Cancer Awareness month; together they make G9,” said Gold In September on Gold In September® . For one that has more inquiries, one can visit the link above for additional information of how to inspire hope and make a change in childhood cancer.


“This year proceeds go towards MDA summer camp, HAWS (Humane Animal Welfare Society) and the Arrowhead DECA Chapter. Inflatables, Laser Tag, Culver’s, Rocky Rococo’s, and The Picnic Basket plus much much more added to the event,” said Arrowhead on their website. Visit Arrowhead Hawkfest for more inquiries about Hawkfest.


“I’m excited to be apart of marching band, and the parade after school on Friday. I can’t wait for Hawkfest,” says Emmaline Lagerman, a marching band participant.


On Twitter, @GoldInSeptember said, “Please help Gold In September build an army of GOLDEN SOLDIERS #growGOLD. ” Multiple of Golden Soldiers will be arriving at Hawkfest to help G9 along with other various organizations.


On Twitter, G9 tweeted a picture that said “50% of all chemotherapies used to treat childhood cancer are more than 25 years old and were developed to treat adult cancers.”


G9® tweeted a picture that said, “Pharmaceutical companies fund 60& of all adult cancer research, but they do virtually no childhood cancer research because it’s not profitable.”


G9® also tweeted a picture that said “60% of children who survive cancer suffer late-effects, such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers.”


On Twitter, G9® posted a tweet that said, “We must #growGOLD to help these kids!” G9® strives to give every child, everywhere, a fighting chance.


National Cancer Institute said, “Incidence of invasive pediatric cancers is up 29% in the past 20 years.”


The National Cancer Institute said, “Side effects resulting from treatment may prevent childhood cancer survivors from participating in school, social activities and eventually work, which can cause depression and feelings of isolation.”
If one wanted to follow G9, they can follow @GoldInSeptember for additional updates. They can visit Gold In September®.