Homecoming Night: What to Expect


The west gym will be the dance floor

Thomas Miller, Reporter

The countdown is underway to the Homecoming dance. At 7:30 pm on Saturday, October 1st, the dance will start at Arrowhead, but the thrill starts before that. Students can expect to have a week full of dressing up, parades, as well as supporting the football team as they play Kettle Moraine on Friday the 30th.

For many students this will be the first homecoming dance as an Arrowhead student, and many the last. Freshmen expecting to be anxious to attend their first dance, seniors are also showing off their excitement.

Natalie Jones, senior class president, said, “I’m excited for the homecoming week itself, the parade, the fundraisers for honor flight, and all of the other things that come with it, such as dressing up and the pep rally at school.” Natalie says she, along with other girls attending, will have their Saturdays consumed with dressing up and preparing for the dance.

On Monday, the 26th, is pajama/crazy hair and stuffed animal themed day, Tuesday is twin or famous pairs, Wednesday is Hawaiian, Thursday superhero or villain, and Friday is a red out.

On Wednesday, the 28th,  there is a drive-in movie which will be playing Lilo and Stitch for all Arrowhead students. Show time is at 8:00 pm and the event will feature free popcorn.

Then, on Friday there is a pep rally in school to kick off the homecoming weekend and Hawksfest football game. The theme as always is U.S.A., where many will bring their U.S.A. flag from home and get there early to claim a seat close to the field.

Not only will it be a craze-filled week in school but out of school as well. On Sunday, September 5th, the homecoming parade will start at 4:30 pm on Church street filled with a clubs such as DECA, marching bands, hawkettes dance team and departments associated with Arrowhead, such as the Hartland Fire Department.

After the packed day of activities, the main event, the dance, lures over every students mind the next morning. As the guys wash their cars and learn how to tie a tie, the girls are doing their hair and their nails.

For the senior this will be the last time they will be doing these rituals before the night, and for Lauren Henzlik this night is anticipated to be fun stating, “It’s going to be fun because it’s our last year, and we are top dogs of the school.” Henzlik has attended almost every dance since her freshman year, so she is no newcomer to the process, “It’ll be cool to be in the front of the dance floor, instead of hiding towards the back.”

Also part of the rituals are the pictures and dinner before the big dance. Students usually find a couple of other dates and take pictures of being dressed up and then hop in the car to attend their more than average restaurant of choice.

“Of the three years i have gone to homecoming, my favorite place we went to was by far Asianas because we got the cooked in front of us, and they had really good fried rice and steak, which is what I got” said Ian Mcsorley while reminiscing on his past homecoming dinners. Ian will be attending homecoming for his last year, and is considering a more simple dinner, such as Buffalo Wild Wings.

“After 4 years of high school, and only working summers you have to start being conservative about how you use your money.” McSorley says while smirking, yet many others will be in the same boat and will take the casual route.

After all of the fun filled activities start coming to an end, and the countdown hits Saturday, the Arrowhead students will begin a night to remember.