SLUSH, A New Band at Arrowhead High School Releases New Album


Members of SLUSH

Amanda Stahl, Reporter

Slush is a band formed of Arrowhead High School students. With three albums produced— “Lunch,” “Brunch,” and “FROM THE VAULT”—they created and released their newest addition, “Life is Dump,” on September 4th, 2016. Life is Dump consists of a variety of genres including, experimental hard rock, comedy and experimental funk rock.

Slush began in September of 2015 with band members Zach Moncrieff a junior, and the lead singer, Jack Bohnsack, a junior, who plays bass guitar and sings vocals. Also in the band are Stone LaPorte, a junior, who plays bass; Daniel Palmeter a junior, who plays drums; and Jack Wiebush a junior, who plays guitar.

“Slush was conceived one night when a few of us were bored. Zack recorded us playing something that sounded absolutely horrible, so we decided to make an album for some reason,” Wiebush says.

Students are able to get albums from the members of Slush, which are $10-$15.

The album Life Is Dump tells a story behind the randomness.

“This latest album tells a story. It takes listeners through all stages of life, from birth to death,” says Mallorey Wallace, a junior.

The album also includes new instrumental tones to Slush’s songs.

“The song ‘Dumplugged,’ beginning with multiple pulses of the base drum that progressively gets slower, represents a fading heartbeat. The album also adds a new key element in the form of violin and piano that seem to really tie the album together. I very much enjoy ‘Girls Are Gross.’ I’m a very big fan of more punkesque music. I was also very excited to see Stone ‘The Gradual LaPorte’ LaPorte debut in his first singing role,” Griffin Drewes a junior, and fan of Slush says.

Laporte says, “Well singing is a generous term for it, but like the rest of the album it was just a random decision. So far the feedback has been positive. Our fans love ‘Working man’ and ‘Baby Boy.’”

With their band’s popularity becoming more and more known throughout Arrowhead High School, ideas for a new album have already been stirring talk between the members.

“For the next album, we might have a heavy focus on babies,” Bohnsack says.

Slush has been known to be unique with their style in music, adding different sound effects and instruments to their stage, which makes listeners even more thrilled to see what wacky songs may come next for the band.

“The uniqueness of Slush comes from the malleability of the band. Most members of the band can play two different instruments, some can play more. This can lead to different and interesting songs, such as ‘The Bench’ off of the album, Brunch by Slush. Also most songs they write/perform are written 10-15 minutes before recording, leading to a near random experience of sound,” Drewes says.