Punk Rock Music Fans Are Ready For A Day Full Of Music

Punk Rock Music Fans Are Ready For A Day Full Of Music

Emma Rosolek, Reporter

Summer is known for having many festivals and opportunities to see your favorite bands and artists. Summerfest is the more commonly known music festival in Wisconsin but there is also, a one day festival called, Warped Tour. Unlike Summerfest, Warped Tour is centered around mostly pop punk and punk rock bands and it tours around the country.

The Wisconsin Warped Tour date is July 26th. Warped Tour starts at 11:00am and ends at 9:00pm. The festival will include bands like American Authors, Mayday Parade, Set it Off, Tonight Alive, and many others.

Brady Jager, Arrowhead Sophomore, states “I’m really excited to see The Heirs because they’re my favorite band and the Warped Tour environment makes it very easy to get up close and personal with the bands which means i’ll most likely be able to meet my favorite band.”

A ticket for Warped Tour is about 36 dollars, tickets can be purchased online. There is no age requirement for going to the festival and if you are under the age of 18 and have purchased a ticket, you are allowed one parental guardian, over the age of 28, to come along with you for free.

Since the festival takes place in Summer and the temperature will be high, you are allowed to bring one sealed water bottle with you. Warped Tour provides, shade tents, misting stations, and even slip and slides. It’s best to stay hydrated in this environment so prepare to bring extra money for water and food.

Also, at every Warped Tour show you get to meet some of the bands who go. You can get the bands autograph, and also many times a picture with them. A few bands even have special acoustic performances that you can go see.

Although, Warped Tour isn’t for everyone, it just so happens to be a great opportunity for fans of the punk rock genre to see several of their favorite bands. So if you plan on going make sure to buy your tickets in advance, pack a water bottle, and gather up some friends to come along.