Six Flags Great America is big attraction for AHS Students

Logan Winser, Reporter

Summer has arrived, which means students are ready to enjoy three school-free months. A popular way AHS students enjoy these months is going to Six Flags Great America theme park.

Six Flags Great America is a roller Coaster theme park located in Gurnee, Illinois. It is located 72 miles south of Arrowhead High school, according to Google Maps. The park’s main attractions are the 15 thrill rides at the park. The four most thrilling rides according to the Six Flags website are Raging Bull, Goliath, Superman: Ultimate Flight, and X-Flight.

New AHS Junior Adam Nanetti agrees Raging Bull is one the most thrilling rides. “With the huge drop and speed of [Raging Bull], it is hands down my favorite ride,” says Nanetti.

New at Six Flags is the Brand New 4D ride “JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis.”

According to the Six Flags website, Battle for Metropolis features state-of-the-art technology, high-tech video graphics, and a full-sensory gaming experience that puts you right in the middle of the action. Armed with a laser stun gun, travel through a series of incredible scenes around the city of Metropolis, interacting with life-like animatronic characters, 3D animated images, and 4D experiences like fire and fog to save your favorite superheroes from the evil villains.

Also new at Six Flags is the brand new Gold Dining pass. This pass allows guests to have a free lunch, dinner, and snack every time they come to SIx Flags in 2016. It also includes the new sports bottle where you can have unlimited refills anytime at Six Flags in 2016. These can be purchased at any vendor at the park. The price for the pass is $199.99. An average meal at Six Flags is usually $13.99..

Gold Dining Pass owner Nicki O’Connell believes the pass is money well spent. “We usually go to six flags 4-5 times each year,” says O’Connell. “With the pass we will probably go a lot more now because we never have to worry about eating at the park. The food prices are pretty expensive, so we stress whether to eat at the park or pack something in the car. Now we don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Tickets for Daily Admission cost $68.99. For people that are looking to go multiple times this summer, prices for season passes start at $79.99 according to Six Flags website. Prices are cheaper if you purchase from the Six Flags Website.