WrestleMania 32 Surprises Viewers


Kyle Hoeppner, Reporter

For nearly 40 years in the business, World Wrestling Entertainment, otherwise known as the WWE, has brought to life many well known wrestlers such as Stone Cold Steve Austin; the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels; Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson; and more recent figures such as John Cena and Randy Orton.

When it comes to wrestling, there are many events. This includes WWE shows such as Monday Night Raw and Thursday Night Smackdown each and every week at 7:00 pm on USA, to annual pay per views such as Summerslam and the Royal Rumble featured on the WWE Network. But the one event, known as the “Super Bowl” of Wrestling, tops them all. And that event would be WrestleMania.

On Sunday, April 3rd, WrestleMania 32 took place at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. There, many competing wrestlers fought in matches among a record crowd of over 100,000 fans.

Skipping over all the boredom that was the pre-show and snorefest that was most of the non-title matches, many of the title matchups were quite entertaining.

In a free-for-all contest for the Intercontinental Championship, Zack Ryder defied all odds, and climbed the 20 foot ladder to retrieve the beloved Intercontinental belt.

Facing the former champion, Kevin Owens, and five other men including, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Stardust, Sin Cara, and the Miz, Zack Ryder became victorious.

This title was his first title won since 2011 when he was United States Champion. Sadly, the following Monday, after WrestleMania on Monday Night Raw, Zack Ryder lost his Intercontinental Championship to the Miz.

As for the women of the WWE, the Divas Championship belt was retired and a new belt was revealed during WrestleMania. This championship was now the WWE Women’s Championship.

During this championship matchup, former Divas Champion, Charlotte, faced Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a triple threat match for the new title. With the cheap help from her father, Ric Flair, who was holding Sasha Banks back near the side of the ring, Charlotte was able to pin Becky Lynch to become the first WWE Women’s Champion.

For the main event, Roman Reigns faced WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. In this captivating match, Triple H and Roman Reigns faced off for the top championship in a close grudge match for the title. In the end, Reigns was able to dodge the sledge hammer, clenched in Triple H’s hands, spear him to the earn to become the new champion.

As for the non-title matches, the Undertaker vs Shane McMahon Hell in a Cell match looked to be the most thrilling. In a surprisingly close fought matchup, Shane McMahon was looking to put the Undertaker away in order to gain, his father, Vince McMahon’s respect and control of Monday Night Raw. Jumping off the top of the giant cage that was Hell in a Cell, McMahon plummeted 20 feet or so toward the announcement in which the Undertaker was laying on.

As McMahon fell, the Undertaker rolled off the table in time for McMahon to crash into it, and not with him still on it. Defying all odds, McMahon soon got up from his stunt and made his way back to the ring with the Undertaker. Still in unstable condition, Shane McMahon was finished by the Undertaker with his signature move, the Tombstone-Piledriver. McMahon would then be taken off the ring by a stretcher.

Arrowhead junior and die hard WWE fan, Bronson Esteves, says he was stunned after watching the Undertaker vs Shane McMahon match.

“I wasn’t expecting what happened in that match to actually happen. As soon as Shane McMahon looked up at the top of the Hell in a Cell, I knew would he was going to do,” says Esteves.

Another Arrowhead junior and huge WWE fan, Alex Nannetti, was also watching WrestleMania and says he was thrilled watching this match and all the others at the huge event.

“I’ve been watching WWE for many years,” says Nannetti. “And Shane McMahon jumping off the Hell in a Cell is by far one of the best moments in the WWE.”

As for next year, WrestleMania 33 will be located at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida on April 2, 2017. This will mark the 38th year of the WWE.