Apple Releases New Controversial Phone


The new iPhone SE will look similar to the iPhone 5S

Logan Winser, Reporter

Every year that he has been CEO of Apple, Tim Cook releases what products will be hitting shelves in the upcoming year at the Annual Apple Event. This year, on March 22nd, he released all the new products and operating systems being released, including the brand new iPhone. Not, not the iPhone 7; the iPhone SE, and it’s bringing controversy to the company.

Since the release of the first generation iPhone back in 2007, according to their official website, Apple has always made the next edition of the iPhone bigger, or slightly skinnier. This year though, they are going back four years as they release the iPhone SE that looks very similar to the iPhone 5S, according to CNN writer Heather Kelly.

“On the outside, the iPhone SE looks almost exactly like the iPhone 5S with a few very minor tweaks,” says Kelly. “The chamfered edges — the angled edges that border the device — are now matte instead of shiny. Like the 5S, the SE comes in gold, silver and gray, but it is also available in rose gold (that’s Apple-speak for pink).”

But the public has not received the news of the iPhone SE very well, according to Kelly.

People on social media are tweeting complaining about the new phone. The negative publicity is even affecting the stock market, as Apple stock has dropped four  points since the release of the new phone, according to Google Stocks.

Even kids at Arrowhead are upset about the new phone. Junior Mark Lowery say he was  expecting the release of the iPhone 7 to come out, which currently doesn’t have a release date.

In a survey conducted, 39 out of 50 kids at Arrowhead have iPhones, and 60% of them upgrade to the new iPhone when it comes out.

“It just shows you how society us,” says Lowery. “People complain about the newest thing that comes out, but they buy it anyway.”

According to CNN Money article by Sara O’Brien, if the iPhone SE succeeds, all phone companies may take notice and start making their phones smaller.

“If the iPhone SE does well,” says O’Brien, “this could be the end of large phones.”