Spring Break, Where Will You Be?


Beach in Florida

Molly Burns, Reporter

Arrowhead students are awaiting spring break. Friends are busy talking about what they are going to bring, who they are going to see, and what they want to do.

Spring break is arriving early this year on March 25th. Students will have 11 days to lounge in the sand or hang out at home.

Some popular spring break destinations this year are Florida, Arizona, and Mexico.

Senior Maddie Kopecky says she decided to stay home.

She said, “Some of my friends asked me to go with them, but I am going to save my money up for college, which is also right around the corner.”

Sophomore Max Schieble said, “I am super excited for spring break. We are going with a group of family friends and sailing around the British Virgin Islands. I think it will be a very unique experience because we are going to be on our own. It’s not a luxury vacation.”

Nels Anderson, a senior at Arrowhead, says he is going on the senior spring break trip. He says, “I think it should be a fun time. It will be good time spending some quality vacation time with some friends I may not see after high school.”

Ben Bredeson, also a senior said, “I am going to Florida with some close buddies and I think it should be a great time. Spring break is all about relaxing and making some good memories.”