Cam Newton Walks Out of Postgame Interview

Kyle Hoeppner and Logan Winser

The NFL MVP is an award given to the best player in the National Football League. It’s given to a player with tremendous skill, and outstanding leadership. Critics argue recent MVP winner Carolina Panther Quarterback Cam Newton has the skills, but falls short in leadership.

Newton had one of the best statistical years for a dual threat quarterback in NFL history, posting 4,473 total yards and 45 touchdowns. A dual threat quarterback is one that is great at both running and passing. He lead the Panthers to a league best,15-1 record, and to a Super Bowl appearance. He won the MVP by a 48 to 2 vote, one of the most lopsided votes in NFL history.

Newton has become well known for his touchdown celebrations and has been the star of the “dab,” a now popular celebration dance.

The biggest game of the year took off on Sunday, February 7th, with a lackluster performance by both the Broncos and Panthers offensive teams. The game was pretty much determined by their defensive performance.

That night, Newton faced a Broncos defense at their prime, forcing multiple fumbles and interceptions. Cam struggled under the pressure, but that isn’t what has got people talking.

In the post game interview of the Super Bowl, Newton abruptly walked out two and a half minutes in. Wearing a hoody and a disappointed look, Newton poorly answered questions before leaving more unanswered questions behind.

The NFL tweeted out after the situation, quoting Cam Newton:“‘I don’t know what you want me to say, I’m sorry.’ – A dejected Cam Newton walks off the podium abruptly. #SB50”

Cam’s attitude shown during this interview is not usually affiliated with the NFL MVP, according to Dave Dameshek of The face of the NFL is supposed to show outstanding leadership and sportsmanship on and off the field.

Newton’s leadership doesn’t go past his fun attitude on the field with his dances and celebrations. When down, he shows no emotion besides upset, and doesn’t rally his team. According to ESPN stats, the only two games the Panthers were losing past the first half, they lost.

A.J. Perez reported for USA Today about Newton thoughts about his actions at the postgame interview.

“‘I’ve been on the record saying that I’m a sore loser,’  Newton told reporters at the team’s practice facility in Charlotte on Tuesday. ‘Who likes to lose? You show me a good loser and I’m going to show you a loser. It’s not a popularity contest. I am here to win football games.’”