Arrowhead Hosts “Learning Never Ends” Courses


Learning Never Ends Brochure

Natalie Frey and McClane McMullen

Arrowhead High School will be hosting a “Learning Never Ends Program” on Wednesday, March 16 at North Campus starting at 6:00 Pm.

On the 16th, teachers volunteer their time to provide further education on topics that adults in the community are interested in.

The “Learning Never Ends” program will be hosted at North Campus on the evening of March 16. According to the Arrowhead website “any member of the community with a passion for learning” is welcome to attend the program. Adults interested can sign up at here.

According to the Arrowhead website, courses offered include: The Different Uses for a Therapy Dog, The Restoration of the City of Paris, Basic Firearm Safety:  For Women Only , How to be Happier at Work and Home, Notable Presidential Elections, No Class This Session, Basic Social Dancing, Weimar Germany, Computer Basics, De-Cluttering Joy, Water Wars, Past and Present.

AP Macroeconomics teach Joseph Paul is the creator of the “Learning Never Ends” program.

Paul says, “Over 100 people attended” the “Learning Never Ends” program last year.

Paul says that the program is beneficial to all who attend because, “It’s free, and it provides people with the opportunity to further their knowledge on a topic they are interested in.”

Arrowhead Spanish teacher and dean of students, Jennifer Charles, is a teacher in the “Learning Never Ends” program.

Charles says, “Each year, my class has been ‘Basic Social Dancing.’ The last two years, my co-teacher and I have taught the basics of the Push-Pull and the Rumba — two dances that will help people cover most music they’d hear at a party or wedding”

Charles describes this year’s “Basic Social Dancing” course saying, “This year, we are switching it up just a bit and teaching the Waltz instead of the push-pull. We have had quite a few people return from the previous year, so we wanted to give them something new.”

This year is the third time that the “Learning Never Ends” program will be in session,

Charles says she has taught “Basic Social Dancing” at the program all three years.

Charles says, “I feel that it is a great way for our community to not only learn something new, but to get to connect to Arrowhead in a new way. It also lets our staff share some of what they love. I think that the time spent on this by staff and community members is invaluable. It’s a wonderful reason to get together.”