A Great Day to Not Be A Warhawk?

Maraba Roznik, Reporter

With first semester coming to an end, Arrowhead seniors are filled with anticipation. Some are eager to go into second semester, and look forward to the new adventures with friends. However, for others, first semester is their last chapter of their high school career because they will be graduating a semester early.


Arrowhead allows seniors who graduate at semester to attend school activities such as the senior party, prom and graduation. However, students who graduate at semester cannot be involved in spring sports or club activities.


Reasons for early graduation range from getting a head start for college, to freeing up more time to work more shifts.


“With high school, it’s hard to maintain a job, and having money to do stuff,” said senior Bryce Greenhagen.


Greenhagen admits to regretting not planning out his high school career schedule to ensure being able to graduate early. He will be attending Arrowhead for another semester.


Many semester graduates agree with Greenhagen and say that balancing high school with work is difficult. Those who have already been accepted to a college say earning money to pay for tuition is the next step.


“I’m really glad I get to graduate early because it’s just one less thing I have to worry and stress about,” says senior Nala Paulsen.


Paulsen says early graduation wasn’t much of a choice, but was actually a last minute choice. Even though she didn’t have enough credits at first, she was reconsidered for early graduation due to her personal situation. In order to graduate early, Paulsen took two online classes to make up for the two credits she still needed.


“I will miss my teachers, though, more than anything because they’ve helped me get through my school work, and made it possible to finish up with the year early,” says Paulsen.


Due to the freedom from high school and extra time early graduation provides seniors like, Bailey Schlehlein says she believe early graduation is the best choice.


Schlehlein says she is excited to be able to focus more on work and saving money for college.


Senior Sammy Cantrell recommends early graduation to anyone who has a hard time in school.


Senior Carly Minor plans on attending the University of Milwaukee in the fall, and wants to save up some money. Besides work, Minor wants to travel to Florida and visit with friends and hopefully do some other places as well. To celebrate her graduation, Minor plans on hanging out with friends or going to dinner with her parents.


“I’ll definitely miss seeing my friends every day. I always look forward to lunch with them where I can relax and not stress for a bit,” says Minor.


Senior Jasmine Case says, “If you want to graduate early, you should really organize your schedule earlier in your high schools years because it’s almost impossible to be eligible for early graduation otherwise.”


Case says she wishes she would have planned out her schedule better so that she could be eligible for early graduation. Even though graduating later in the year wasn’t her first choice Case looks forward to staying in school with her friends.
Early graduation can help students free up their schedules for more academic or social opportunities, and it can also allow them to pick up more or longer shifts at work to raise money for tuition.