Arrowhead Students Form a Band: Track 6


Isabella Wartzenluft, Reporter

It all started with a few sixth hour lunch jam sessions. A mutual appreciation for all music quickly led to the idea to create a band. Before long, Track 6 was formed.

Sam Brunelli, who is currently a senior at Arrowhead, plays keyboard and harmonica. Chandler Zastrow, a freshman at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, plays lead guitar as well as sings lead vocals. Chase Zastrow, a sophomore at Arrowhead, plays bass, saxophone, and backup vocals. Anthony Gnas, a junior at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, plays drums and backup vocals.

According to Brunelli, the name for the band was created using two components. “Track” refers to a track on an album. The six indicates Chandler Zastrow and Brunelli’s sixth hour music sessions.

“During [sixth hour] lunch period every day [Zastrow] and I formed a friendship and bond[ed] over our music unlike any other in either of our lives,” says Brunelli.

Brunelli said sixth hour was an escape from the world and it allowed him to journey through both music and friendship.

“[Zastrow] and I started the band about two years ago when we met during class at Arrowhead. We soon realized that we shared a passion for good music and thought it would be fun to jam together. Every day during our lunch period, Chandler and I began playing music together. Immediately, we knew there was a special chemistry between our playing and not long after started a band,” Brunelli said.

Track 6 can be seen live every Sunday at Bucky’s Lakeside in Okauchee when there is not a three or seven o’clock Packers game, as well as in locations including Milwaukee and Sussex.

To keep up with the band, go to or their facebook page, Track 6. Information on the band and their music, upcoming events, and photos can be accessed.

Track 6 has a 55 song set list. Many of these songs include covers from various genres. Music from the 1950’s through the 2010’s are played. Along with the cover songs, the band has twelve original songs, which Zastrow and Burnelli wrote, that will be included on their debut album.

The band will have an album coming out in the near future. Despite school setbacks, the majority of the recording has already been completed.

According to Brunelli, all members of the band get inspiration from their fathers, as they are large influences in their lives and caused them to grow up around music.

“Having a passion for something results in school often getting a backseat to the music, although everyone in the band is able to get their school work done and get good grades. There isn’t that much conflict with the band and school…[there’s] just a lack of sleep,” says Brunelli.

Being in a band, you develop a deep friendship through the music.  One amazing thing about music, is that it gives out an ample amount of love and can touch people in any way.  Being able to be part of creating the sounds and emotions that are projected through the speakers gives the band a certain chemistry unlike no other,” says Brunelli.