Seniors Submitting Photos for the 2015-2016 Yearbook


Molly Burns , Reporter

Students at Arrowhead have to submit their images on or before Monday, December 14th, for them to be shown in the yearbook.

At Arrowhead, students take their photos in Hartland, Delafield, downtown Milwaukee, and others local areas. Some choose to take their pictures in the summer and have the lake in the background while others choose to take photos in the fall, with colorful leaves as the back to  their pictures.

Seniors have been emailed, and sent information about how to submit their senior photos to the yearbook advisor Lori Barbee at North Campus. Students are asked to submit one printed photograph, wallet sized (2” by 3”), that is a vertical format. The photo should be printed on photographic paper.

When students turn photos in, Barbee asks students print the name as he or she would like it to appear in the yearbook on a separate sheet of paper, in an enclosed envelope (with the senior photo). Students are asked to either mail senior photos to Arrowhead at ATTN:  Mrs.Barbee, 700 North Avenue, Hartland, WI 53029 or hand deliver it to Barbee’s mailbox in the front office of Arrowhead’s North Campus.

The way students pose for pictures has changed since the 1970s. In the Arrowhead High School 1978 yearbook, students posed on a chair from their shoulders up, in a basic black and white picture. In 2015, students posed in color photos on railroad tracks, in a field of flowers, leaning up against a brick wall or even seated on a set of stairs. These pictures show seniors full body or even from their waist up, instead of just from shoulders up like was common in 1978.

Seniors often choose photographers from the area to take their senior photos. Local photographers include Teri Groth (, Amy Bruss (, Lombard Studios (, or even a photographer here at Arrowhead, senior Taryn Sherman.

Sherman says, “I think being able to capture such unique images is what makes taking senior pictures so much fun. I like the edgy look for some but also the simple look as well for others.”

Sophomore Marissa Treiber says, “One thing that I am looking forward most to for senior year is being able to have my senior pictures taken. I love looking at ones that are posted on Facebook and Instagram, and I even have a Pinterest board full of ideas already for my own senior pictures.”

At Arrowhead, students have to submit their senior photos on or before Monday, December 14th, for them to be shown in the yearbook.

If you are a senior and would like your photographer to submit your image to the yearbook for you, the photographer can choose one of the options from above as well.

If you have any questions regarding your senior picture or how to submit it, you can contact Barbee at [email protected].