Journalist’s construct articles for class

In Arrowhead’s Journalism class, students are required to write one article a week. These articles are revised by Elizabeth Jorgensen ( teacher) and are then uploaded to “The Arrowhead.” This is a website( that acts as a school newspaper.


Students who write the articles are obligated to find an angle on something newsworthy each week that is either about Arrowhead High School, or may be interesting to students who read the news. An example of something newsworthy at Arrowhead may be a winning streak for one of their many successful sports teams, or a new feature to the the lunch menu.

The students budget their time throughout the week conducting interviews, taking polls, and diving deeper into the topic that they have chosen, by conducting research and interviews to produce the best article they can write.


Some things that a student may consider while deciding what to write about is: consider the significance to the audience. A good journalist will report on topics that impact people. So a Journalist at Arrowhead will most likely report on something important to Arrowhead and the community of students and teachers with in it.

Vasilios Panagopoulos (a student at Arrowhead) said, “I would like to read about sports, mainly because we have so many opportunities at this school for so many different sports.”  


Another thing a journalist at Arrowhead will consider while writing an article is what the reader will want to know about. What details is the reader going to want answered? It is important for the journalist to anticipate what the reader is going to want to know about the article. For example, what happened? Who was there? When did it happen? Where did it occur, and why is it important? These are all important things a student will put in the article.
New articles come out every Friday. If you would like to read any of the articles, see what’s happening at Arrowhead, or just take a peek, go to