A Day In the Life of Deputy Freyer


According to Harvard researches, the rate of mass shootings has tripled since 2011. School shootings are included in this statistic. To insure the safety of the staff and students, Officer Freyer has been Arrowhead’s resource officer for the past eleven years. He patrols halls, investigates students’ online activities, and prevents the use of alcohol and drugs to keep Arrowhead a safe environment.

Freyer says, “My primary function is obviously for safety and security. And hopefully that’s nothing I have to deal with, but that’s my primary function–to be here for the safety and security of all of you and the staff members.”

Before coming to Arrowhead, Freyer was on patrol in the Hartland area, handling traffic accidents and domestic cases. Once he started as a school resource officer, Freyer completed special training focused on  serving in a school environment. Annually, his training continues with conferences which update him on the new behaviors of students, such as the new usages of drugs.

“We’re dealing with a whole new spectrum of drugs. Kids are using them in different ways.” says Freyer.

Sometimes Freyer’s duties include investigating students’ online activities since cyberbullying has increasingly become an issue among students. Often times, Freyer says he also deals with breaking up fights. Freyer’s job also includes protecting students from themselves and the use of drugs and alcohol in school.

Freyer says, “I think Arrowhead is a great school. I do not think that we have any more problems than anybody else does right now.”

When he’s not on duty, Freyer says he enjoys roaming the halls, and interacting with the students.

“I certainly enjoy my days when I can just patrol the buildings, and be visible, and be available for you guys for whatever questions, or sometimes even be harassed by the students. I’m proud of the fact that I think I have a good relationship with the kids, and I’m hoping that they feel safer here because there’s a police officer here,” he says.

Sophomore Corinne Burkhart says, “I think that’s it’s nice to have [Freyer] in the school because he is here just in case something were to happen and I think that’s very comforting thing to know. And I also think it insures that other students are going to behave better because they know that there is law enforcement around that is keeping an eye on them.”

For the past eleven years, Freyer has patrolled the halls of Arrowhead, insuring the students’ and staffs’ safety, while getting to know and connecting with the students.

Freyer says, “I enjoy being here. It’s an assignment to be here, but you also have to want to be here.”