Arrowhead’s Earth Club Helps the Hartland Community


Help keep the community a clean, happy, and environmentally friendly place by joining Earth Club. Any student in any grade at Arrowhead Union High School can join. Meetings take place the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month in Room 111 at North Campus at 2:45pm. Along with these meetings, students also participate in an activity one to two times a month.

To join, Greg Bisbee, Earth Club advisor and science teacher, says, “Just come to meetings and just start talking to people that they [students wanting to join] know that are members.”

“A typical meeting occurs once every few weeks and we discuss future events and interests that people have. In the past, we have watched documentaries at meetings, including ‘Blackfish,’ which pertain to the environment and our Earth,” says Maddie Sorenson, one of the co-presidents of the club.

Earth Club gets students involved with helping the environment and cleaning up the community. Activities include highway and trail clean up, tree plantings, and recycling projects.

In the past, Earth Club has helped not only the environment, but also the community as well, by hosting events like coat drives.

Bisbee says, “A lot of times they [the hospital] have people come into the emergency room, middle of winter, that don’t have any winter clothes. A lot of the time they have frostbite and things like that, so before they let them back out, they want to give them winter jackets and scarves and hats and things so that they’re warm. And so they’re always looking for donated winter clothing to be able to give to people that don’t have it. So we’ve had collections around Christmas time in the past and given them to hospitals.”

Earth Club has a section of road from Merton Avenue in Hartland to Highway 83 that they clean up once in the fall and once in the spring.

The Ice Age trail is also a common clean up area.

At the usual highway cleanup, those who signed up meet and spread out along different starting points and walk along the side of the highway, a safe distance from the cars of course, and pick up garbage into designated bags [trash, recyclables],” says Sorenson.

Members of the club also pull buckthorn and garlic mustard, two invasive species. This stops them from overrunning the trails.

To keep up with announcements, follow Earth Club on Facebook at Arrowhead High School Earth Club, or on Twitter at @AHS_earthclub.  

Bisbee can be emailed at [email protected]. School announcements will include updates and meeting times.

“One of the reasons we love earth club is the fact that although we are a small community, and the events we partake in aren’t drastic, they truly make a difference when people all get together to help. Clubs like ours nationwide and worldwide have the possibility of showing others how impactful we can be in creating a greener Earth,” says Sorenson.