September’s Impact on NFL Fantasy Owners



Fantasy football is back. It’s the time of cheering for players on opposing teams, destroying friends, and winning the title of first place.

Students at AHS participate in fantasy football leagues with other students, friends, and family members.

The first month of football is in the books and much has affected fantasy owners. This includes star players, surprising playmakers in the waiver wire (a place to grab undrafted players), and critical injuries that impact rosters.

To start off the year, there is no surprise on who the position leaders are for standard non PPR (points per reception) leagues. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers leads all quarterbacks with 80.24 points, with an impressive outing against the Chiefs in Week 3 with 34.92 points.

Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles leads all running backs with 57.20 points so far, scoring at least one touchdown in all three games.

But the current number one player in all of fantasy is Falcons receiver Julio Jones. Jones has had at least 130 yards in every game since the season started, having four touchdown receptions. He leads the league in yards this year with 440 yards.

There have been some surprises this year. Cardinals veterans, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and quarterback Carson Palmer, have come back from the shadows of old age into fantasy relevance. They are both top five in their respective positions, with Fitzgerald leading the league in touchdown catches.

Cowboys running back, Joseph Randle, has filled the shoes of Demarco Murray, who is now on the Eagles. Randle has posted three touchdowns and is just under 300 rushing yards.

Sometimes players who are selected high in drafts don’t turn out like you would expect. This is evident in the first few weeks. Last year’s number one fantasy player Philadelphia’s running back Demarco Murray averaged a pitiful 0.51 yards a carry (no that is not a typo) with only one touchdown with his new team.

Seattle Seahawks Running back Marshawn Lynch has also been a complete disappointment, not even reaching the end zone this year and hasn’t gotten over 75 yards rushing a game.

People like Junior Nick Noll we’re expecting New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks to fill the shoes of previous Saint, Jimmy Graham.

“I am very disappointed in what the Saints have done so far. Brandin Cooks is claimed to be a star wide receiver, yet his stats don’t back that up. And with Jimmy Graham not on the team anymore, I’d love to see some touchdowns from him,”says Noll.

Without a touchdown this year, the expected leader for the Saints is now sitting on the benches on most fantasy lineups because he has yet to reach the endzone or post large receiving yards.

There is a difference between the people who succeed in fantasy, and the ones who fail. That is how they fair in the waiver wire. This is a place to grab players that weren’t drafted prior to the season

This year, players who weren’t even drafted have already made an impact and have to be picked up by owners.

Running back Dion Lewis has become the man in New England scoring at least 10.00 points each week. Lewis is now the feature back in a crazy Patriot offense and roulette backfield.

Cleveland Browns receiver Travis Benjamin is a top ten receiver this year catching at least one touchdown each game. Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor has reached elite fantasy status being a top five scoring quarterback, with back to back 23 point performances in week two and three

Every year, almost every fantasy owner has to deal with injuries. In only the first month, big names have gone down. In the first week, Dallas Cowboy star wide receiver Dez Bryant broke his foot in only his first game. There is no specific time when he will be back, which scares fantasy owners like AHS junior Chris Marmes.

“Dez Bryant was my second round pick and ever since he got injured, my team has been absolute trash,” says Marmes.

Starting quarterbacks have gone down through the first few weeks. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Saints quarterback Drew Brees went down in week two. While Brees’ injury is only a minor shoulder injury, Romo is expected to be out until December with a fractured collarbone.

But in week three, Ben Roethlisberger, last years number three quarterback, got carted off the field in St. Louis. He will not return until November in the earliest. This not only affects Roethlisberger’s owner, but also owners of other Steeler players. Running backs usually get more carries when their quarterback is hurt according to writer Alex Gelhar. So starting running back Le’veon Bell, last years leading fantasy player, is going to explode over the time Big Ben is out.

As we go into week four, more is still to come. It is only October. The door for all fantasy owners is still wide open.

All stats included in this article were provided by Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.