Students Get Involved In AHS School Plays


Extra, extra, read all about it! Arrowhead Union High School will be holding auditions for their winter school play, William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Caesar, in November.

The plays vary each year, all with different genres and story lines. Over 30 roles are available, and they are reversible. This means that the role of someone (such as Julius Caesar) could be played by either a male or a female.

After the auditions in November, the play will take place in February.

All students, in all grades may audition. Audition dates for the winter show are Monday, November 16 from 6:00-9:30pm and Tuesday, November 17 from 6:00-9:30pm.

“I do not cast based on any kind of seniority. I cast on who I think has the right personality or skill set as an actor for that show,” says Arrowhead Drama Department director and English teacher, Maralynn Markano.

When it comes to auditioning, Maria Beilke, a sophomore says, “Don’t think about it. That’s one of my number one tips. If you try to not think about it, you usually won’t be nervous.”

Beilke says she has auditioned for Cinderella and Rehearsal For Murder. She is currently in ensemble as the part of Lorraine for Hello Dolly, Broadway Company’s newest production.

“With Julius Caesar, there’s sword-fighting, blood, killing, death, all that fun stuff that you get in Shakespeare. And I really encourage people not to be afraid of it because it’s Shakespeare, because we’ll teach them what they need to know, how to say the words, how to understand what they’re saying, and that’s part of the rehearsal process,” says Markano.

Rehearsals for the productions take place mainly at night, besides a few on Saturdays, for technical work.

The Arrowhead High School drama department offers classes designed to help students further their acting careers. Drama classes differ from participating in a school play, but they still includes acting aspects. At Arrowhead, Introduction to Theatre Arts, Acting, and Directing are three classes offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Other than taking up a role in school plays, stage crew is another way to get involved in the drama department. Stage crew students work backstage at Arrowhead theatrical productions and school concerts. This includes creating the set, running lights and sound system, and plenty more. To join, attend the weekly meetings in room 100 at North Campus.

Broadway Company is also offered to students. To get involved, a student must currently be taking choir class. An audition song is prepared and performed for an audience, and the audience decides whether or not a student gets in. Broadway Company produces musicals; whereas the drama department performs may be either a musical or a play.

Auditions for the second and final show of the year are in March. The performance for that production is in May.

“I love the experience and the rush it gives you. I love spending time with my friends and making something that will entertain people and hopefully people will love,” says Beilke.