Jurassic World Owns 2015 Box Office, Breaks Records

Earth’s mightiest heroes have been defeated, by Chris Pratt and dinosaurs. This summer Jurassic World became the highest grossing summer movie ever, passing Marvel’s the Avengers reaching $659 million in domestic money, according to BoxOfficeMojo. This season ran from the first Monday in May to Labor Day. Rotten Tomatoes loved it, giving it a 78% rating, and Americans loved it too.

Jurassic World generated buzz before its release from fans of the series, having 53.8 million people watch the release trailer in the first week according to YouTube. It broke a YouTube viewing record for most views in a video’s first week.

Junior Logan Satell was one of those 53 million people. “Of course I watched the trailer,” says Satell, “I loved the series as a kid and was excited when I heard they were making another movie.”

Fans also got shown the trailer in an ad in Super Bowl XLIX.

Opening weekend was historic for the return of the dinosaurs. The movie produced the greatest weekend in the history of box office making $208 million according to BoxOfficeMojo. It also lead the box office weekly for four straight weeks. Critics like Amy Nicholson, Dan Murrell and Erin Robinson knew the “re-make” would do well in theaters.

The film could’ve been successful for many reasons, but the film’s little nods to the previous movies helped spread word.

Fans like junior Mollie Moore says she enjoyed Jurassic World’s node to its previous movie, Jurassic Park. “I saw that the guy that looks like Mr. Dahle was wearing a Jurassic Park T-Shirt! I told everyone,” says Moore.

Jurassic World broke multiple records this summer movie season. Records include highest grossing weekend ever, highest grossing summer movie, fastest to $200 million grossing, according to Variety, and helped Universal break the record for the best grossing season by a studio, according to Hollywood Reporter,. Others movies released by Universal this season were Furious 7, Minions, Pitch Perfect 2, and Straight Outta Compton.

Fans like Sattell are more excited for the announcement that Universal is expanding Jurassic World to a trilogy. Unlike the previous trilogy, it will keep the same characters and same plot.

“I’m excited!” said Sattell, “I did not like the last two movies in the previous trilogy, so I’m hoping they do better this time learning from their mistakes.”