School Store Provides Students with Snacks and Place to Hang Out

Now that school is back in session, Arrowhead students need a place to hang out when they need a to get away from tests and homework.

If students are looking for the most up-to-date information about school events or sports, the AHS school store–the Hawks Nest–it is the place to go. If you would like to know when the next tennis match or football game is, you can pop into the store and on the wall there is a chalkboard that has dates of all sporting events. The school store also posts the theme for gators for the football games.

The school store it is located right off the North Campus lunch room next to the activities office. It is also right next to the sports marketing, and advertising classes.

The store is open before school in the morning, throughout the day, and after school.

The store sells granola bars ranging from $1.50 to $2, Caramel Apple Pops for $0.25, different types of soda for $1, chips for $1, fruit snacks for $1, and Arnold Palmers for $1.

On September 25th, the annual Hawkfest will be put on at Arrowhead’s campus by DECA. The school store right now is all about promoting the event.

Hattie Salzman, a senior at Arrowhead and also the DECA Vice President said, “Currently we do not have any sales at the store, but we do want everyone to come in and purchase a Hawkfest shirt to promote the event and make sure people know about it. They are $15 and you can purchase them in our store.”

Senior Nick Genetempo, who works the school store 10th hour said, “We are selling Hawkfest shirts. Hawkfest is on Friday, September 25th. We are also selling gourmet lollipops in the store for $1. We are all the schedules for all the different sports going on right now so students can support the teams.”

Frozen yogurt is another specialty in the store. It is only $3 for a standard size yogurt including one topping.

Sophomore Tony Konen says, “Before football practice, I go to the school store because they sell some really good frozen yogurt.”

This year the school store has new flavors of frozen yogurt for students to try. The brand is Yo Mama’s and currently they have flavors including Very Berry and Salted Caramel. In addition to the flavors, there are also toppings. The new topping this year is sour gummy worms.

Steve Melzer, AHS teacher, as well as head of DECA and the school store, said, “The biggest challenge we have in our school store is to meet the National Nutritional Guidelines when it comes to food and beverages. But I am confident our students will come up with some solutions to keep the store growing.”

Every Friday the school store has a promotion with candies called Frooties. They sell these Frooties in popcorn sized bags for $1.