Student’s favorite teachers

According to Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling.

Teachers go through many years of  college to earn their degree(s), and throughout this process they learn methods of teaching  according to. This process allows teachers leeway in the way of customizing their teaching style and adapting as a teacher, these differences between teachers are what students latch onto, favor, and remember. Major differences such as amount of homework assigned, Note taking style, and aggressive or passive teaching styles, are what students usually first notice when dealing with a teacher due to their personal preferences in being taught. Decisive, less forgiving teachers, are less favored amongst students, while on the other hand, more understanding, relatable teachers tend to leave a more profound mark on students. Students are more likely to listen to, and learn from  their favorite teacher, this effect leads student to benefit from having their favorite teachers.


Not all teachers are remembered favorably by students, but not all of these forgotten teachers are necessarily bad teachers, they just didn’t leave a mark on the student. Students who have been at arrowhead for the longest; seniors, have unique views on who their favorite teachers are due partially to their time spent being taught by, and hearing about them.

“I like all my teachers, but my favorite is Mr. Tower because he has a funny side.” Said senior Robert Tessmer. “I think what most students like in a teacher is humor.” Said senior John Zanotti. “It’s easy for a teacher to just be bland and boring, but to have a teacher who is lighter, and a little funny makes it easier to make it through the class.”

The first impression a teacher leaves on their students is usually created on the first day of school, when students create opinions and base their views on these impressions. Few teachers change their technique throughout the year, this keeps the class consistent, but can lead to students not being taught in a way that they learn from. If a teacher can connect with the student in an avenue such as humor, it makes it easier for the student to listen and learn from the teacher.


There are teachers that are special in the eyes of students and due to their attitudes and actions toward the students’ educational experiences; they are one of the students’ favorite teachers of all time. The aforementioned  teachers are the  teachers that will be remembered favorably by their students for years to come, along with the knowledge they instilled being reflected upon by those whom they taught so many years ago.

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