Teacher In-service day helps Teachers and Students

During October 22nd and 23rd at Arrowhead, teachers have an in-service day on Thursday. For students, it’s an extended weeked them, but these are important days for teachers.

During an in-service day, the teachers are no longer the teachers. Instead, they become the students. Teachers learn about many things during this important time in the schedule according to teachers who talked about inservice days

At Arrowhead, there is only two inservice days in the entire semester, the second being after semester exams according to the arrowhead calendar.

During these days teachers learn new techniques on how to teach their classes. Teachers watch instruction videos, watch presenters, and learn new programs to better improve their learning environment

The actual”inservice” day is only Thursday. Friday is whatever the teacher makes of it

Teachers can catch up on important classroom planning according to Drama teacher Mrs Markano. They plan out the rest of their month/semester to make sure they get through everything in the curriculum. If teachers are behind in grades, this is also an opportunity to catch up on previous assignments and ungraded projects.

“I seemed to push all my assignments I needed to grade to these four days.” says Markano. “It’s a great break to catch up on any work I have missed over the past month.”

But teachers aren’t the only ones that need inservice days. Students also use this time for “important” matters.

“I think it’s important for students to have these breaks to.” says Markano. “The next break isn’t until Thanksgiving, so it’s important for them to relax their brains.”

Some students families may schedule family trips for the four day weekend. But for students, they just use it to relax and clear their mind.

Student also use this time for recreational purpose like Junior Nate Kobb.

“I’m going to use this time to go to golfing for the last time down in Illinois.” said Kobb. “We go their three to four times a year, so I would like to go there one more time before the weather gets too cold to play anymore


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