Demark receives a week of lunch detention for throwing out trays

Orion Geisler, reporter

Arrowhead senior, Aiden Demark,  says, “This is the last year I’m here and I can’t wait to get out and start living my life and making my dreams happen.”


He says his senior year has been going good grades-wise but he has been feeling targeted by Matthew Vanderboom, the school’s resource officer. Demark was caught throwing out a lunch tray the teachers neglected to ask him if it was an accident. He says he was quickly served a week’s worth of lunch detention. There are cameras in the lunch room but the tapes have not been released yet. Student Bryan Bvoick says, “He’s made mistakes but he’s getting better.” 


Some of his favorite out-of-school activities are fishing up north near Duluth. When he’s not fishing, he says he’s at home working on his 2005 Mustang. Student Carter Burg says, “Aiden comes from a privileged family but he’s still humble.”


He has wrestled on the Arrowhead team for four years, from freshman to senior year. He’s gone to team state twice and lost both times. He has no plans currently to wrestle outside of school.


When he graduates, he’s planning on going to Drexel to study as an ichthyologist. An ichthyologist studies fish for a living and is a fish-focused scientist. Currently, he has no companies in mind to work as an ichthyologist at.


His favorite song right now is slop by bbno$. He has worked in his dad’s company for the last two summers and enjoyed cleaning windows and helping his dad. His dad’s company is Demark LLC.


Demark’s advice for freshmen is: “don’t make mistakes you will regret later and always think about the future and what you need to do to achieve your goals later in life.”