San Giorgio Pizzeria

Ziara Scaringi, Review

San Giorgio is hands down the best pizza restaurant in all of downtown Milwaukee. I come from a huge Italian family and was raised surrounded by great home cooked meals my parents cooked and my 100% Italian grandparents. This restaurant made me feel right at home. As soon as I walked into the cute, modern, yet rustic looking building, I felt like I was in one of those unique Italian restaurants you end up at by a stroke of serendipity.
I was immediately greeted by a hostess at the door and got seated with my family. Once seated, the waiter asked us if we had ever been there before. It was my first time, so he explained what makes the pizza so good. San Giorgio has a chef from Italy who focuses on making Neapolitan style pizza. The restaurant focuses on perfecting their sauce by using Roma tomatoes imported from Italy; as well as a wood-fired oven covered by beautiful blue tile.
I ordered the Margherita pizza for $11.00, it came to me about ten minutes after ordering it. They baked their thin crust to a perfect golden brown texture, and the sauce was the best sauce I’ve ever tasted, not too sweet. Sprinkled with Fiore di latte mozzarella and basil added the perfect final touch of flavor.
We decided to try dessert since the pizzas were a perfect size, not too filling. We ordered the Nutella pizza calzone and the lemon gelato. I would say the calzone was great, but would only recommend it as a sharing platter. The only negative review I have is on the lemon gelato, it tasted like a lemon furniture cleaning supply, but if you avoid this one dessert you will be stargazing by the end of your night. The second time eating at San Giorgio, we ordered the lemon gelato again and it tasted more like zesty ice cream. Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who lives in the area, is Italian, or just wants to taste something phenomenal. San Giorgio will quickly become the zenith of your life.