A Drive In Under The Stars

Caitlin Berg, Review

Highway 18 the Outdoor Theater is an experience for all people, it truly gives the viewer a chance to watch a movie while under the stars. The classic feeling of an outdoor movie theater brings you back to the days of Grease when Sandy and Danny were at the Drive-In. But nowadays, the drive in that you remember has a bit of a modern twist to it but still holds the classic idea of what a outdoor movie theater should be.
During my experiences there, I have enjoyed the movie selections, the great food, and the community that it provides. Going to a regular movie theater can cost lots, but for the Highway 18 Outdoor Theater located in at the corner of Highways 18 and 89 2 miles west of Jefferson, Wisconsin and their prices will have you flabbergasted which are $10.00 for Adults (12-64) and Children (5-11) are $6.00, but if you are a Senior or are active in the Military ticket prices will be $8.00. All their season of being open is from late April/early May through September, and In early Spring, they are open on weekends only.  From Memorial Day until mid-August, they are open 7 nights a week.
Concession at Highway 18 provides small singles snacks. But you can also take your family out to dinner here as well. Although it’s a little pricey, the quality is something that is worth the money. But if you want to avoid that cost, I would recommend that you go out to eat before you come into the theater. Because just like any movie theater, bringing in your own food and drink is against the policy. And they have fan favorites their menu such as the funnel cake fries, the deep fried cookie dough bites, and have many dinner packs for you and your family.
There has something to be said about how the movie theater runs. The movie theater shows three movies. And there is time before the first screening to enjoy the playground for the kids, a chance to get snacks and get comfortable for the movie. The concession stand stops selling concessions after the second movie, but bathrooms are still open after the movie. And a huge plus is that they have provided speakers near your vehicle to watch the movie, but if you are parked where there is no speakers you have a option of listening to the movie by putting on a radio station.
Overall, I think that everyone should experience a drive in under the stars, it gives you and your family the comfort of a family movie night, but with the opportunity of not watching these films on your couch. But the most important things that you are prepared for this experience with bug spray, blankets, pillows, and comfy clothes. As someone who has gone multiple times, I continue seeing myself going for years to come and having it be a experience that me and my kids can enjoy as I grow older.