In Review: The Cheesecake Factory

Victoria Neary, Reporter

I go to the same restaurants everytime I eat out because I know the place, going to new restaurants makes me nervous. But my family chose to branch out one time. We decided to try The Cheesecake Factory because it was something none of us have ever had.

The restaurant is located in Wauwatosa. The first ever Cheesecake Factory was built in 1978 in Beverly Hills, California. The restaurant was famous for their cheesecake selection, wide variety menu, and their large portions. The factory was a family creation. Evelyn Overton had a small cheesecake factory that she had to give up. Then her son had a small restaurant. He then took his mom’s recipes and joined both menus to get The Cheesecake Factory.

Going to the restaurant, I was expecting it to be a full course meal type restaurant. The building itself looked magical, which made my hopes of the food be just as spectacular. Walking into the building was beautiful. It gives a certain feeling to everyone walking in. It was like I was a kid in a disney movie. Overwhelmed with pillars and colorful walls. We went when it was not busy. Yet it took the waiters forever to help us and take us to our seat.

Once we finally got to our seats. I was flipping back and forth through their menu. Everything had names like “Pasta Napoletana” and “Chicken Madeira”. Which meant I was reading what everything was made with, so I knew what I was eating.

Deciding what to eat was hard. Everything sounded so good, but I had to choose one. Making sure to get as much of their food as I could get. Deciding between fried mac and cheese or chicken pot stickers for an appetizer. Then moving to the entrées, settling on either spicy cashew chicken or lemon-herb roasted chicken. Finally, of course, have to try their famous cheesecake.

Not only was there a full menu of some fancy and some normal entrées. But they have a full kids menu. Which made it a good place for families. Things as easy as grilled cheese, mini corn dogs, and mac and cheese. But if your kid is a little more risky they do provide grilled salmon in a smaller portion.

Once we all decided what we wanted, we ordered the food to try. Getting the spicy cashew chicken and lasagna verde. Excited to try this new food, not only at the restaurant, but overall. The waitress then brings our food out and it’s incorrect. She has given us the wrong food, which meant she ordered the wrong food. My dad was distraught. But once the manager came out, she offered us both free cheesecake as dessert, and he felt a lot better.

Even though they did mess up our order and they weren’t interested in getting us seated quickly and efficiently as they could. When they brought our correct food out, it was amazing. Getting the bursts of juicy chicken and the zestiness of the sauce from the lasagna. Plus it gave way more then we were expecting. Giving us leftovers to bring home, to enjoy again. I would go back after this incident, just because it has good food and it was a fun experience.

The Cheesecake Factory was nothing like I expected it to be. Having the thought of full course meals with delicious cheesecakes for desserts. But in the end it was even better. The food was fresh and flavorful. Now I know I should branch out more and try new restaurants.