Arrowhead Students Tune Into Newest Music


Student views the top 10.

Max Gebhard, Reporter

“Untouchable” by Eminem is the first song on the Hotnewhiphop website’s top 100 of the hottest songs this week and details the racial injustice in America: “Segregated us, designated us to an area, separated us, section-eight’d us.”

“Reminds me of ‘I’m not racist’ by Joyner Lucas,” said Arrowhead senior Patrick Folvag.

“I like how he is critical of both sides,” said Arrowhead senior Brianna Galstad.

In the number two spot is “Dark Night Dummo” by Trippie Redd featuring Travis Scott which has them mentioning what they do at night: “I’m going to put six in the lambo and jet to the plane.”

“This song makes me want to party,” said Galstad.

“The energy is electrifying,” said Folvag.

Coming in number three is “Gucci Gang (Remix)” by Joyner Lucas and has him criticizing the subject matter of his contemporaries.

“His remix is actually pretty good,” said Arrowhead senior Jace Hipp.

“I like his wordplay,” said Arrowhead senior Greyson MacLean:

“All you new rappers don’t be talking about anything except doing drugs, wonder how you got a name.”

“Squad (Firearm)” by Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert is in the number four spot and has them describing what their group is up to: “I’m with the squad, I’m with the squad.”

“Very enjoyable,” said MacLean.

“I can’t wait for their collaborative tape,” said Hipp.

In the number five spot is “Whatever You On” by London On Da Track featuring Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, and YG. This song explains how they’ll compromise for a specific girl: “It ain’t no pressure girl, I’m on whatever you want.”

“An enjoyable jam,” said Arrowhead senior Calvin Schaul.

“Star-studded and they all deliver,” said Arrowhead senior Karina Smits.

Coming in the number six spot is “Rap Rushmore” by Mase featuring Diddy and DJ Khaled which has them talking about why they are one of the best respectively, “I’m the reason these rappers go binge shopping.”

“Mase is the best on this and I didn’t know him before today,” said Smits.

“Hypnotic beat,” said Schaul.

“Go Legend” by Big Sean featuring Travis Scott is in the number seven spot and is about how they both strived to become rap superstars: “Made my blueprints, so my life got no ceilings.”

“Travis handles the hook and definitely delivers,” said Arrowhead senior Megan Steffen.

“I like how introspective Big Sean sounds,” said Arrowhead senior Hope Weil.

In the number eight spot is “Feed The Streets” by Juicy J featuring A$AP Rocky and Project Pat which discusses life in the ghetto and the struggles that come with it: “They gotta catch a body for fame, I’m in a whole other lane.”

“So catchy, I had to replay,” said Weil.

“These three have some good chemistry,” said Steffen.

Coming in the number nine spot is “Wake Up & Cook Up” by Zaytoven featuring Quavo and 2 Chainz which is about their unstoppable work ethic: “Had apartment with no furniture, but at least I had a stove.”

“The background beat is intoxicating,” said Arrowhead senior Noah Zenker.

“They both sound right at home on this track,” said Arrowhead senior Ellen Varhol.

“Mediterranean” by Offset featuring Travis Scott is in the number ten spot and is about their lavish lifestyle: “Look at these diamonds biting, Freakazoid chain on lightning.”

“Typical trap song, but still good,” said Varhol.

“Good combination of rappers,” said Zenker.